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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 16, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> funny picture, though. i just like looking at it. that does it for us this morning for us. let's go it to t.j. holmes. >> good morning, ladies. good to see you both. you have a good day. hello, everybody. i'm t.j. holmes in for kyra phililips today. we are hearing from one of the people most vilified in the molestation scandal at penn state. we're talking about mike mcqueary. the graduate assistant you are hearing so much about who saw jerry sandusky raping a boy in the locker room. now, he has faced blistering criticism for not doing more when he allegedly saw this happen. now we're hearing from mcqueary that he is disputing what you and i have been hearing out there in the public. according to e-mails now obtained by the "morning call" newspaper mcqueary tells a former classmate, "i did stop it. not physically, but made sure it was stopped when i left that locker room."
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he also says he reported it. in the same e-mail he said he had discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police. listen to mcqueary now, this is what he told a cbs news reporter. >> you have any idea when you think you might be ready to talk? >> this process has to play out. i just don't have anything else to say. >> okay. then, just one last thing. just describe your emotions right now. >> all over the place. just kind of, shaken. >> crazy. >> crazy. >> you said, what -- >> like a snow globe. >> let me bring in andrew mcgill, he's one of the frt reporters that broke the story for "morning call" the newspaper. let's start with how you got this e-mail in the first place. >> well, t.j., it essentially was sent to us by a friend of mcqueary. and the e-mail chain mcqueary
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made it clear that he was okay with having this sent out. >> now, there are only bits and pieces we have seen from the article that you all put out and published. but the entire e-mail, do you plan on releasing all of it? >> i guess that is a decision that is going to come from above my head, honestly. i will tell you that pretty much everything that was in that e-mail we included in that story. we didn't keep anything out. >> was there anything else in the e-mail that might help us understand what he meant. what mcqueary meant when he said he stopped it but not physically. that is in direct conflict with what's in the grand jury. the grand jury report that said that the grad assistant left immediately distraught. >> there's nothing further in the e-mail itself, but that is a topic of a lot of speculation. i mean, i think that this e-mail does bring up holes or gaps in the grand jury report. and that incident is part of it. did he stop it just by being
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there, even if he didn't make an action to end it himself and did he go to police? it makes a distinction between discussion with police and the university at charge of police and the grand jury talks about talking to the official but if there were further police discussions, that's news to me. >> i was going to bring up that point next. it says the graduate assistant was never questioned by university police and no other entity conducted an investigation until he testified in grand jury in december of 2010. again from that reading of that e-mail, he is saying he did not just take this to his dad and call. he didn't say he just talked to paterno about this, he is saying he went to police. >> that's the way i'm seeing it, t.j. if you look at it, again, there are two clauses in that sentence. i did have discussions with police and the official at the university in charge of police and, like you said, the grand jury report said no report was
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made and i'm interested in finding out if that is the case. >> i know you're looking into it. we'll keep an eye on your reporting. three minutes past the hour now. let's turb n to the white house. a shot fired at the white house. one bullet hitting a window at the white house. athena jones is there. what in the world is going on at the white house? >> well, first of all, as we know, the president and first lady have been gone for several days. they're out traveling. but on friday night there was a shooting down near the ellipse that is about 700, 800 yards of the white house. that happened on friday. police, after a few minutes, found a car that had been abandoned. park police said that inside that car they found a semi-automatic weapon. fast forward to yesterday. yesterday they discovered two rounds of bullets at the white house and it hit the white house building. one of them went through the glass but was stopped by that second layer of ballistic glass, which, of course, is there to
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protect the occupants of the white house. another round was found nearby. now, i just spoke with, we got a statement from the secret service. they haven't conclusively linked those bullets to friday's incident. as we know, they were found on the south side closest to that incident. still several hundred yards away. secret service have said that there is always a perimeter of security around the white house and that this event occurred on the very outer perimeter. so, they're still investigating. they're still looking at maybe things they could do differently but this time security worked here, t.j. >> too often here someone is targeting the white house or just stray bullets that happened to hit the white house. they are working on both of those theories or is one prevailing? >> the investigation is still going on. of course, they put out a statement talking about this 21-year-old man whose last name is ortegga who is wanted in connection with the shooting on friday. they're still looking at that and they haven't conclusively concluded that these bullets are related to that shooting because
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they have to wait for ballistic evidence and that sort of thing. yet, a law enforcement official has told cnn that there is increasing information that this individual oscar ortegga has, "a direction of interest in the white house or the president." and, so, secret service and other officials are interviewing family and friends and they're still looking for this suspeblth, t.j. >> athena jones for us at the white house, thank you. >> thanks. let's get to some presidential politics. primary season kicking off in about seven weeks and one of the key battlegrounds is new hampshire. let me bring in mark preston keeping an eye on all things related to politics. new hampshire y guess mitt romney wished new hampshire voted first and guess they voted like, today. >> and last for that matter. you know, if it was just new hampshire that was going to choose the republican presidential nominee, mt these out right now.
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justame out this morning from bloomberg. shows that mitt romney has a commanding lead up in new hampshire right now at 40%. now, of course, mitt romney is the former governor of massachusetts. and he in many ways is staking his campaign on a big win in new hampshire. now, these poll numbers, t.j., follow another poll that was released by bloomberg yesterday out in iowa that shows that the race for the iowa caucuses is very much up for grabs. we have four people right now vying to try to win the iowa caucuses. but, again, focusing back in on new hampshire, t.j. one person who is staking his campaign on new hampshire, as well. jon huntsman, the former governor. he said some things last night that he probably wish he hadn't. jon huntsman up in new hampshire at a campaign event. i don't care what the rest of the country thinks or feels. that's not important. i do care about what the people of new hampshire feel because
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this is important." now, jon huntsman, who is staking his entire campaign, t.j., on the state of new hampshire. a win up there, had a back track on those comments saying he wasn't talking about what voters across the country feel, what he was saying is the national polls. he's not paying any attention to the national polls. but jon huntsman, t.j., is not doing great up in the polls. that bloomberg poll shows he is in fifth place, t.j. >> we didn't see his name make the cut on the screen. we assume he's somewhere at the bottom. mark preston, always a pleasure. thank you so much. a programming note for our viewers here. politics, as always, right here on cnn. got another debate for you focusing exclusively on national security and foreign policy as the republican national security debate co-sponsored by the heritage foundation. you can catch that tuesday night right here on cnn at 8:00 eastern. we'll have another political update in one hour and, of course, for all the latest political news, you know where
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to go, turn to the president now, his first trip to australia since taking office and he's trying really hard to fit in. an official dinner today. he switched fluently between english and australia. >> the alliance between the united states and australia is deeper and stronger than it has ever been. spot on. cracker jack. thank you very much, everybody. >> zain verjee with me now. zain, that was clearly impressive. i've always been impressed with people who can just easily and fluently go back and forth between languages like that. you have to give the man credit. >> you sure do. good day, mate. t.j., how are you? let's actually take a look at what some of the newspapers around the world are saying about president obama's visit.
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they're really focusing on the military deal that the u.s. has made with australia and they're taking the china angle here. the australian 2,500 u.s. marines on australian soil to increase defense ties is the headline. it says the agreement is set against the background of growing chinese military spending and the dramatic expansion of the chinese navy. and then the daily telegraph here in the uk, barack obama to deploy 2,500 marines in australia. as he says, we do not fear china. it says, mr. obama insisted the deployment was not targeted at countering beijing's rise, but he pointedly called on china to play by the rules of the road. t.j., the message the u.s. is sending here to china, as well, you want to be a superpower, fine. you need to play by the rules of the game and be responsible. t.j. >> zain verjee for us, always good to see you. thanks so much. we'rer about ten minutes past the hour now. a lot of people who use
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facebook got a surprise on their facebook pages. forn graphic and violent images all a part of a major hack. we'll tell you about this attack and whether it could happen again. stay with us. also coming up, "occupy wall street" before and after. today the tents are gone, but the cause is still very much alive. a live report from zuccotti park. ♪
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14 minutes past the hour now. give you a look at stories across country. severe storms sweeping across the southeast this morning. already have been reports of tornados and damage in louisiana, as well as mississippi. also authorities in san pedro, california, are afraid part of their town could literally slide right into the pacific ocean. landslide has closed down a stretch of road and seems to be getting worse. fences are set up to keep people at a safe distance. also, macy's has five new floats for its 85th annual thanksgiving day parade including zhuzhu pets and a
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hockey float with kids taking slap shots at a wooden turkey. you'll also see some new balloons like sonic the hedgehog floating down the streets of manhattan. facebook says your news feed should be okay now. hackers unleashed a spam attack that spread graphic, disturbing pictures of sex and violence across the site. facebook has been working to clean things up and says the hackers didn't get any of your personal information. christina warren is here now. she's with the social media news site. thank you for being here. they say that they didn't get any of our personal information, are we sure? >> if the exploit happened the way that facebook says it did, then they should be right. none of our personal information should have been exposed. but that assumes that it happened the way that they said it did. >> christine, are we sure they have it under control now? they have it under control now? >> they figured out where it is coming from and able to block
6:16 am
the servers and the different type of content that is being posted. a lot of disturbing stuff. >> something as massive as facebook, how difficult or easy, maybe, is it for someone to hack and unleash something like this on a site that massive? >> well, what they actually, how this attack actually happened. it's using something called a cross site script attack and what that means is you might get a message that says, hey, you can win a free trip to disney world or free trip to atlanta to visit you at cnn and all you have to do is paste this code into your location bar on your web browser. if you're running an outdated version of the web browser and you hit enter, it could execute some code that is responsible for posting all that nasty stuff. >> how hard is it to track the culprit down? >> facebook should be able to figure out where the attack was coming from based on how stuff was posted. it could take some time for them
6:17 am
to shut things down. the really important thing is to make sure you're running the latest version of your web browser, you're not running something outdated like internet explorer 6. and if you see something that looks a little bit fishy and is offering you something for free, chances are, it's a scam and to ignore it. >> people love and trust facebook. got a lot of users out there, but something like this, will this do any damage to them long term if they think, facebook can't keep this from happening or just a temporary hit and people will go on? >> you know, i think it could be problem if this thing continues. we look at myspace and one thing that brought it down it was cluttered and gross ads and facebook needs to do the best they can to avoid this sort of thing happening again. i think it would be really beneficial if they were more open in talking to its users to say, hey, this is what is happening and we're putting a stop to it rather than letting it go on for two days. >> christine, good to talk to you. you enjoy the rest of your day. we'll see you back here in
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atlanta for the holidays. >> all right. we're about 18 minutes past the hour. rain or snow, nothing can stop the u.s. postal service. money problems can. a new report shows the u.s. postal service is losing billions of dollars. we're heading to the new york stock exchange for details coming up. also, most politicians go stumping for votes. vladimir putin goes drilling. more on his unorthodox presidential campaign. that's next. ni-i-i-ck. oh... i thought those were put out for me. i did it again. no worries, nick. [ sighs ] say, nick, you must be busy this holiday. oh, yeah, with all the great savings we got going on, it's been crazy. ooh, i got to dash away. customers lining up. ♪ [ male announcer ] this holiday, chevy's giving more. ♪
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21 minutes past the hour now and we have seen him shirtless and on horseback and doing a little judo and even hunting siberian tigers. we are talking about the russian prime minister vladimir putin. he is an impressively manley dude, some will tell you, and his popularity is slipping, though. in just weeks before his party's parliamentary elections. zain verjee joins us, once again, from london. in the united states we see politicians shake hands and kiss some babies and make speeches. not this guy. >> no, not this guy, t.j. maybe vladimir putin can give some of the presidential candidates there over in the u.s. some tips.
6:22 am
he is known in the u.s. diplomatic circles as the alpha dog. what his latest stunt was. he was off campaigning because he wants to be president in 2012, again, his third time. he decided as he was touring hospitals grab some of the dentistry equipment. looks like he is about to pull someone's tooth out here in this shot. this is the governor of one of the regions there and then earlier this year, he did kind of a macho pr stunt. he got himself on a harley davidson and headed up a group of bikers and looking pretty cool. all clad in black there shaking people hands and generally looking pretty hot, many people might think. now, t.j., take a look at his latest stunt here. okay. >> okay. >> take a look at this campaign ad and this ad features sex in a ballot box. yes, you heard me right. that's the general idea. the campaign ad is out there.
6:23 am
and the idea is to make voting sexy. so, you've got this man and this woman and they're going to vote and then they just make their way into the voting booth after they meet and, well, you know, you know the rest. they have a little bit of fun there. the symbolic message for vladimir putin here is vote putin and keep the good times rolling in russia. t.j., naturally, the campaign slogan is, let's do it together. >> wow. okay. that is actually his campaign ad. that is not to get just people to vote in general. that is to vote for him, is that right? >> that's right. because he's really projected himself as this man's man. this macho guy. virility and sex and he was off without his shirt in some river area a few months ago. so, the idea is, you need a tough guy like putin. you got to be, you got to trust him and this is what russia is all about. vote putin. >> is it working for him as far
6:24 am
as his popularity goes? i understand he was slipping a little bit. >> his polls were slipping a little bit, but still the most powerful man in russia, even when he was prime minister, a lot of people thought he was really pulling the strings of the puppet, the president and it was him that was really in charge. even if his popularity may be slipping, it may rise after this vote for me sex in the ballot box, but he really is the powerhouse in russia and a lot of people expect he will get this term as president because they changed the constitution to allow it. so, watch the space for alpha dog putin. >> this is not the first time you have done a putin story. >> i knew you would say that. >> you knew that was coming. all right. always good to see you, zain. thank you so much. let me bring in alison kosik now to get ourselves together back on this show. she's back at the new york stock exchange. following some issues. the u.s. postal service, alison,
6:25 am
it seems like every few months we hear that they have just been hemorrhaging cash and here we go, again. >> exactly, here we go, again. guess what, t.j., over the last year the postal service lost more than $5 billion, but it's not as bad as last year's $8 billion loss, but you have to admit, it's massive. here's what's at the core of the problem at the postal service. we are spending, we are sending less mail these days. in fact, last year we sent 3 billion fewer pieces of mail. also the postal service is saddled with huge retiree health care costs causing the postal service to go deeper in debt. it's cut its staff, but clearly not enough. it wants to cut some locations and cut retiree benefits and lay off more than 100,000 workers. the thing with the usps, it doesn't run itself. congress calls the shots. congress has to approve any structural changes that happen with the postal service, but making those dramatic changes, let's say benefits and laying
6:26 am
off workers, it t.j., as you can imagine, the postal service is getting a lot of push back. t.j.? >> we'll have four minutes from the opening bell. what do we expect to see today? >> we'll open in the red. same concerns about greece, italy. one analyst puts it this way. it's like groundhog day and you wake up and it's the same thing over and over again. now, as bond yields spike not only in italy and spain. add france to that, too. the european debt crisis is moving to these countries and not to be immune. have you checked out oil prices lately, t.j.? they hit that $100 mark. just for the first time this morning. i can only wait until it gets to the gas pump. t.j. >> we'll talk to you soon, alison kosik, thank you. as we get close to the bottom of the hour, we'll head to "occupy wall street." we will show it to you before and after now. the tents are gone and protesters say the cause is still very much alive. we are live in zuccotti park. also ahead, it is official
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delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains 5 billion a year from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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6:31 am
announcing the u.s. will deploy up to 2,500 marines to australia in the coming years. the move comes as china expands its military reach in the pacific. the arab league meets to defend syria's membership. the league says the president al assad did not stick by his pledge to end the crackdown on protesters and detainees. we turn now to the "occupy wall street" movement. the lawyers battled it out. our deb feyerick in zuccotti park. an interesting past several hours and days in that park. what does it look like now? >> well, t.j., we can tell you, it is really virtually empty compared to what it looked like just a couple days ago. something going on in the middle there. one guy lying down. we're not sure exactly what is happening there. we can tell you that the protesters are tired, but determined. this tent city that was here was reallia tonmous. very different today. you see some of these security
6:32 am
guards in yellow. they're stepping in and trying to break up fights. matter of fact, one man was arrested, but it appears that the man who was arrested was trying to de-escalate a very tense situation. you have to remember that some of these people have not slept in more than 30 hours. but the feeling really among some of the people that i spoke to inside this park is that they really have succeeded in changing the national dialogue, that succeeded in raising the national consciousness. they're angry about the disparity and wealth. they're trying to get that changed. they talk about student debt and the crushing burden of all of it. last night, really, the folks who did stick it out, they had to sleep sitting up. we're told arrests took place when two people were sitting back-to-back. they are cracking down making this much, much tighter in terms of what is happening here. again, you can see, no tents and, really, just a handful of people. we did speak to somebody who sort of is the spokesperson for the group who tells us that right now what they're doing is
6:33 am
they're trying to regroup. they're trying to figure out what their next step will be and they want the two-month anniversary to be big. that's what they're really planning, t.j. >> deb feyerick in a much--looking zuccotti park. in other cities, patience running thin. seattle police use pepper spray in a clash with protesters. the group's march blocked rush hour traffic and then protesters sat down in an intersection, at least six people arrested. also in dallas, the fights in the courtrooms, a federal judge has ruled that the city can forcibly remove protesters who are camped out on city hall property. about 200 demonstrators are there and the city's mayor wants to avoid an ugly confrontation here. today city attorneys will meet with representatives of "occupy dallas" to discuss possible options. coming up the power of money on capitol hill. can the will of the public compete with the deep pockets of lobbyists? a veteran washington insider shares his concerns. also, you remember that paternity suit against justin
6:34 am
bieber? well, it's over. we'll tell you why, next, in "showbiz headlines." life insurance companies treat you like a policy, not a person. instead of getting to know you they simply assign you a number. aviva is here to change all that.
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38 minutes past the hour now. she made world headlines with the paternity suit against
6:38 am
justin bieber. well, let me bring in our entertainment correspondent kareen wynter. this woman made headlines and now it's all over and done with in the past. what happened? >> you're right, t.j. according to tmz. the suit was quietly, quietly dismissed last week. tmz saying the attorneys involved in the paternity suit have abandoned their client. the explosive allegation, t.j., that bieber had fathered a child in the backstage bathroom encounter, it got a whole lot of attention. if this report pans out, i hope the dismissal goes away, as well. from the beginning, the beib denied he met her much less had sex with her. he not only promised a dna sample to prove it but threatened to sue her and her attorneys. that may have been the effective part in killing the suit. we'll have to see if he follows through with it. cnn is actively chasing the story.
6:39 am
we'll let you know when that happens, t.j. "dancing with the stars" admitti admittingly, i haven't gotten into the show. but now we have the finals coming. >> oh, of course. really exciting part, right. hope solo is out for all those hope solo fans, the soccer star and her feisty partner maksim. the pair were bickering and fighting with each other and the judges all season. this move, t.j., isn't a huge surprise and this is just a reminder of how hard this competition is. it looks easy, it's tough. solo has one gold medal in soccer and expected to be competing for another next year. in the end, we're left with three final couples. ricki lake and darryl and j.r. martinez and carina. >> all right, let's get to this other topic. always a big deal.
6:40 am
"people" magazine knows how to build this up and they did this morning. this year's sexiest man alive, who is it? >> i don't know how to break it to you, you were snubbed, again, this year. i have here's the good news for bradley cooper. he has been voted the sexiest man alive and to quote the magazine, he's more than just a pair of dazzling baby blues and a killer smile. "people" says this georgetown grad can whip you up dinner and take you for a ride on his motorcycle and whisper sweet nothings in french. chris evans and country star tim mcgraw. that sounds pretty awesome. the whole whipping up dinner and taking you for a spin and whispering sweet nothings. he has my vote. >> okay, look, i can do all of that, except for the georgetown part. i went to a different school. >> the georgetown part. >> but other than that. kareen wynter, always good to
6:41 am
talk to you. we'll see you again soon. >> thanks, t.j. more on "people" magazine's choice. julie jordan will tell us why bradley cooper got the nod this year. that's coming up 30 minutes from now. 9:40 eastern time right now and buying influence in washington, d.c. a former presidential adviser asked sobering questions about the power of money.
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keeping a look at news across country now. the miami marlins, check out what they're doing right now. the team is holding a two-day job fair to fill more than 2,000 slots. everything from game day staff to manager level positions. trying to do their part to maybe knock down the unemployment rate a little bit. one person definitely needs a new gig. the sugar plum fairy, a missouri woman has been fired from her regular holiday acting job, apparently, during a mandatory drug test. she dropped some not so cherry curse words. a georgia teenager has been rescued after nine hours in a chimney. he's also been arrested and police say she was trying to ro the place, got stuck, got arrested. 9:45 and 903 wins and counting. duke basketball coach mike krzyzewski cements his name into college hoop's history. a really nice moment, a genuine moment in sports last night. you need to see, stay here.
6:45 am
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here are some of the stories making news later today. at 11:00 a.m. eastern time
6:48 am
today. congressional to nasa astronauts with congressional gold medal awards. also later that hour, the tenth anniversary of the transportation security administration will be observed. ten years. wow. at 5:00 eastern time in los angeles, google expected to announce the launch of an online music store. 12 minutes to the top of the hour, let me turn now to some politics. politics and money. from tea party rallies to "occupy wall street" protests. money corrupts the way washington does business. cnn senior political analyst david gergen takes on this issue on a cnn piece. always good to see you. most people hear this, okay, politics, money, corruption, all right. we just almost accept, unfortunately, do you find, that this is just the way it is. >> great shoutout to coach k.,
6:49 am
t.j., i appreciate that. people come to expect it, but the problem is it's taking different shape. we no longer see the kind of corruption that i saw when i first got to washington some years ago. that is, a straight payoff to a member of congress who just puts it in his pocket and walks off. what we're watching now is something much more insidious. good people caught up in a bad system. the most recent system of allegations surround the notion that there's been insider trading. members of congress have access to information that some members of the public may not have. they've been trading in on it, making a lot of money. i think those facts are still to be proven. clearly, congress needs rules that are much tougher about how they do their investments. we have tough rules in the executive branch and judicial branch and we need them in the congressional branch. >> on the point you brought up, you say it is different now. they do a payoff. hand you some cash and the congressional member of congress will put it in their pocket. but, still, today, you have lobbyists all over the place who
6:50 am
are still handing that cash out but it's via campaign contributions now, isn't it almost the same thing going on? >> well, it's a close cousin, but it doesn't go into your personal bank account. what it does allow you to do is cling to power. it enables you to run for office and keep winning. and, you know, mike winning. mike zuckerman and i just wrote a blog on cnn pointing people to a new book by lawrence lessig. it's a wonderful book who arguing that the issue more and more is if members of congress become dependent upon money from lobbyists to win campaigns and it distorts public policy. not just a question of whether they get to cling to power, but there are all sorts of things. we protection sugar from imports and then we give extra money
6:51 am
subsidies to corn. all because of lobbyists. we've got now high fructose corn syrup in a lot of our food and our kids are getting obese. there's a direct line from those things. another aspect of this. the business community, i hear time and again as i travel the country, from ceos who say i can't invest because i don't know what's going to happen in washington. the book makes the argument that members of congress have a self-interest in keeping things uncertain. if they put a tax law into place, they're not going to see a lobbyist on that issue for another five years. however, if it lasts one year, that lobbiest is going to be at their door next week with some cash. >> i thought that was the most interesting part of your piece. the fact they have an interest in keeping us confused and keeping uncertainty in the system. folks, you can find his piece,
6:52 am always good to talk to you. we're also following a lot of developments. next hour, get a check of those stories. start with deb fayerick. >> well, t.j., i'm here at occupy wall street where protesters are re-grouping, trying to figure out their next move, which could include shutting down wall street. t.j.? >> i'm alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. you hear that? that's the clock ticking. the super committee has one week to come up with $1.2 trillion in spending cuts. i'll have details coming up. >> we're just eight weeks away from that new hampshire primary. new poll numbers. who's on top? details at the top of the hour. >> thank you all. we'll see you shortly and also ahead, we hear from a key figure in the child molestation scandal at penn state. what did mike mcqueary tell a
6:53 am
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6:56 am
well, the penn state scandal making headlines, also with the nba labor dispute going on, it's nice to bring you what is genuinely just a wonderful sports story. this one is of duke's basketball coach. he has become the all-time winningest coach in division i men's history. his blue devils beat michigan state last night. sold out crowd in madison garden. his mentor and long time coach, bob knight, was there calling the game for espn and he's the one who held the previous record of 902 wins. coach k says a nice moment, but he's kind of glad it's over. >> there's too much attention focused on me. for this last week. and i don't, you know, again, i get attention all the time without -- i just get attention, you know. i mean -- and i've gotten too much and with the nba not being
6:57 am
there, you get even more. >> 903 wins for him, but keep in mind, that's in men's division i. the record belongs to pat summitt at tennessee. also, he's talking about the nba. here is a look at the latest there. all regularly scheduled games have now been canceled through december 15th. this is after the players rejected the league's latest offer. there's concern growing that the entire season could now be in some real jeopardy. detroit tigers pitcher justin verlander, he is now the american league's cy young trophy winner. he won by unanimous vote. 28-year-old part of the tigers winning their crown in deck dads. four complete games, two shoutouts, a no-hitter. 24 wins, 250 strikeouts. managers of the year will be announced later today. well, a man dials 911. he needs help.
6:58 am
he needs help with his iphone. he doesn't get advice, so he gets arrested. here now, cnn's jeanne moos. >> these days, if you're iphone doesn't work, it's practically an i emergency. >> do you have an emergency, sir? >> yeah, i do, my energy is my [ bleep ] phone don't work. >> 48-year-old michael was so upset with his iphone that he called 911 in illinois. >> how about i smash this phone on the floor? why can't i dial the numbers i used to be able to dial? >> i do not know that. >> he didn't call once, twice, he called five times. call number one. >> you're tieing up a phone line. >> i know. i know i'm doing it, but it ain't by fault. it's [ bleep ] at&t's false. >> here's how call number two ended. >> thank you [ bleep ] go b
6:59 am
[ bleep ] yourself. >> have a good night, sir. >> now, he had a good reason for calling 911. he said it was the only number his phone would dial. by call number three, the dispatcher was still -- >> the best bet is to probably either go to an at&t store or -- >> how about i just blow this phone up -- >> you can't scare an iphone with threats. they've been blended. by his fourth call, the dispatcher tried getting his address. >> we can have an officer come out and he can maybe help you. >> he can't help me? >> how do you know? >> because he'll shoot me with a gun. >> by call five, the dispatchers about had it. >> well, you're wasting my time, sir. >> easier to waste your time than the police. >> why is it easier to waste my time. >> as for the idea of sending an officer -- >> that's pretty dumb. >> his final words to the
7:00 am
dispatcher -- >> you're really a very nice person, sir. >> when police arrived, they arrested him for obstructing an officer even if he probably thought the iphone was probably obstructing him. >> have you been drinking tonight, sir? >> no. >> okay. >> i'm just not very smart. >> unlike his phone. >> what the hell's wrong with my phone? well, we are at the top of the hour. this morning, we are hearing from one of the people most vilified in that child molestation scandal at penn state. mike mcqueary is the name. he is the assistant who allegedly saw football coach jerry sandusky raping a boy in the locker room. he has now faced some blistering criticism for not doing r more when he saw that, but mcqueary is now disputing what's been out in public.
7:01 am
according to e-mails, he tells a former classmate, quote, i did stop it. not physically, but made sure it was stopped when i left that locker room, end quote. also, he says he reported it to police. he says he had quote, discussions with police and the official at the university in charge of police, end quote. here is what he told a cbs news reporter. >> do you have any idea when you think you might be ready to talk? >> this process has to play out. i just don't have anything else to stay. that's all. >> okay. one last thing. describe your emotions right now. >> all over the place. just kind of shaken. >> crazy? >> crazy. >> you said what, like a -- >> at the bottom of the hour, we'll hear from tom goldman, a sports correspondent from npr. to the campaign trail now. iowa, new hampshire, will kick
7:02 am
off the caucus season and the candidates are visiting those states with a vengeance. rick perry plans a town hall in new hampshire. paul steinhauser is joining us. if you look at the polls, everybody's wasting their time in new hampshire. seems like it's wrapped up. >> we'll get to that. t.j., can can you imagine, it's just under seven weeks now until the iowa caucuses on january 3rd. one week later, the primary. rick perry there today. he's been campaigning in iowa a lot, but today, he's going to be in new hampshire. trying to resurrect his campaign. he was the front liner when he jumped in, but has had some troubles, stumbles in the debate. now trying to pump things up again. this is brand new out of new hampshire. people likely to vote in the primary. there's mitt romney. 40%. the former massachusetts governor. remember, neighbors states in new hampshire, they know romney
7:03 am
well. he's got a home there. he remains that way. ron paul at 17%. the texas congressman making a stir for the white house. gingrich rising in the polls. here he is rising in new hampshire as well. cain appears to be dropping. where's jon huntsman? he's not in the top four, obviously. he's at 7%. last night, had his 100th even in new hampshire. it's new hampshire or bust for him. he is going 100% in new hampshire and we saw it again last night. 100 events now for him in new hampshire. >> 100 events gives him what percentage? >> 7%. he's got 55 days to change that. >> there's always time. let's move from presidential politics to just politics in washington. this super committee everybody's been waiting on, they're running out of time. will they be able to get something done before thanksgiving, which is their deadline? >> yeah, americans don't think
7:04 am
so. take a look at this. new numbers out from cnn and orc. we asked just that. are the committee members likely to reach a deal a week from today? i think it's obvious, eight an ten americans say it's unlikely. 1.2 trillion is what they're trying to do. cuts. who would get the blame game if they don't reach a deal? more americans blaming the republicans rather than the democrats if there is no deal. more blame going to republicans than democrats according to our new poll. >> thank you. as always. and to our viewers, need to join us next week for a debate that's going to focus on national security and foreign policy. tuesday night, 8:00 eastern right here. we're about four minutes past the top of the hour. let's turn to occupy wall street. there's a before and after now in new york. today, the tents are gone. protesters say the cause, still
7:05 am
very much alive. deb fayerick standing in what is deb, a very different looking zuccotti park today. >> absolutely. it's virtually empty. gone is that tent city that really characterized this area for more than two months. the park's been cleaned up. you've got private security officers there wearing yellow vests, keeping an eye on things. you can see the ground. couple of people didn't realize there were lights on the ground. we're told that occupy wall street is re-grouping. they're hoping to plan something big for the two-month anniversary tomorrow. some of the folks here are catching up on sleep. the park was raided overnight. some up for 30 hours. others are set to be released from jail today. sort of a temporary lull in the activity. the fu dozen who stayed behind, they are tired, but very determined. some tell us they had to stay up
7:06 am
all night. they were banned from lying down, from giving out food, and of course, no tents, no generators, so very, very different conditions. i did see a man who was arrested. he was breaking up a fight. trying to deescalate the situation, actually. but police officers took him away and a lot of people were very confused by that. it seems that third-degree had been a self-governing tent city, but now that's been taken away, you've got this dynamic between the handful of protesters here, between the private security guards and between some of the police officers who are unseen, who are on the scene here. but there is a sense of relief that the mood is going to continue. they've changed the national consciousness, the national dialogue and that's not something that's going to stop. >> thank you so much. in other cities across the country, patience is running out. seattle police used pepper stray on protesters there. they had blocked rush hour traffic. at least six were arrested.
7:07 am
in dallas, the fight is not on the streets necessarily. it's not courtroom. a federal judge says the city can forcibly remove the 200 protesters camped out. today, attorneys will meet with representatives of occupy dallas to discuss options. turning to the president now, his first visit to australia since taking office. the president wants to make a good impression and fit in. who knew the president spoke fluent australian? >> the alliance between the united states and australia is deep deeper and stronger than it has ever been. spot on. cracker jack. in top neck. thank you very much, everybody. >> let me bring in max foster. clearly, the president having a little fun there, but some serious stuff going on on this trip. >> they've signed a new military
7:08 am
agreement and it means that the americans will place a military personnel in australia. the background to this is a lot of the asian nations have been calling for greater u.s. presence in that part of the world, but there's a concern about growing chinese, control of the waters particularly around this. they want to rebalance that. but the president saying this is very much about a relationship between australia and the u.s. he was saying it's important for the chinese to play by the rules of the road on one hand, but he was also saying that america isn't fearful of chinese influence. the notion we fear that china is mistaken, this is how the papers are interpreting it. the australians saying 2.5,000 marines to increase ties, but going on to say the agreement is set against the background of growing expansion of the chinese navy and the telegraph here in
7:09 am
the u.k., similar headline in saying that mr. obama insisted the deployment was not countered at beijing's rise, but called on china to play by the rules of the road, so it's really behind the lines here, really, t.j. but china and the u.s. are the major players in that region militarily. >> we appreciate you as always. nine minutes past the hour. want to bring you a bit of news just happening. news happening in glouster, ohio. what they're responding to, we have video to show you in a moment. a gas line explosion. this is just outside glouster, ohio. this is the southeastern part of th happened about 8:45 in the morning. a couple of hours ago essentially, but this is still an ongoing situation. no injuries at this point to report to you. also, no evacuations, but they
7:10 am
are telling people in the area, if you do not have an emergency related to this incident, please do not contact 911 right now. a lot of people in the area reported and we showed you some of that video, flames shooting hundreds of feet up into the air, at least according to some of the witness. this video gives you an idea of what they're dealing with here. apparently, there is a gas pipeline that runs through that area and there has been this explosion in ohio. again, the southeastern part of that state in glouster, ohio. no reports of injuries at this point and no evacuations, but still, an ongoing situation. we'll keep a close eye, bring you updates as we get them. also, a bullet smashed a white house window. police think they know who might have fired it. we're live in d.c. in just a few moments. also, his reign is over. ryan reynolds being replaced. there is a new sexiest man alive.
7:11 am
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7:13 am
is the human element. ♪ i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. we're learning more about a bullet that hit a white house window. authorities say bulletproof glass kept it out of the building. secret service says there's no specific concerns for the president's safety. the question is who fired the shots and why. athena, important to note, people need to know, since these couple of incidents have come up, the president has not been in the white house. >> no, exactly. he's been on this trip. he was in hawaii at the time of
7:14 am
this incident on friday night. he's now in australia. police are looking for a 21-year-old suspect, oscar ortega hernandez. about 800 yards south of the white house, he was driving his car and stopped on constitution between the white house and washington monument and fired shots towards the white house. as you mentioned, the glass kept one round of bullets from going in and that's what it's meant to do. another round was found on the ground hereby and so, police are investigating this. they've put out some pictures of hernandez, who we're told had contact with those police in arlington, virginia earlier on friday at 11:00 a.m. they stopped him for what they called suspicious activity. we're not sure what that was, but they stopped him, didn't arrest him, but took pictures of him. now, park police mentioned in a press conference over the weekend, this suspect has some tattoos. most notably, one on the left
7:15 am
side of his neck that reads israel and one across his back that reads ortega. they don't know his reasons but have said quote, he has a direct interest in the white house or president. they've been talking to family and friends to talk to him. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. give you a look now at some stories making news cross-country. severe storms sweeping across the southeast this morning. reports of tornados and damage in mississippi. and they're afraid part of the town could slide right into the pacific. the landslide has closed down a stretch of road. seems to be getting worse. fences have been set up to keep people at a safe distance. macy's will have five new floats for the thanksgiving day parade. zhu zhu pets and a hockey float with kids taking slap shots at a wooden turkey.
7:16 am
sonic the hedgehog. can you be hot and humble? seems like a winning combination for bradley cooper at least. he is the new sexiest man alive, at least according to "people" magazine. the actor says it's really cool to get this honor especially since he sometimes looks horrifying. julie jordan here to help us. why mr. cooper? >> why not mr. cooper? we've got the piercing blue eyes, right? pretty incredible. we also love him for the movies "hangover." he says he's a 36-year-old single guy in hollywood, so people assume that makes him a player, but he doesn't think of himself as a ladies man, but he loves women. there's a difference. we like that about him. >> how does this work? there needs to be someone who, he's in a lot of tabloids. people want to know who he's dating. been in a couple of popular
7:17 am
movies that people love. you just have to have a hot streak, if you will? >> maybe the spotlight shines a little bit brighter on this guy. that's kind of how he bubbles to the surface, but you want a guy who's humble. when he heard that we were wanting to name him sex yas man alive, he thought he was being punked. that's what you want. you don't want a guy who thinks, i'm sexy, this works. you want a guy that's like, really? and bradley has fun with it. he's having fun with it and most of the guys we choose also really enjoy this title. >> how does this process work of choosing these folks? do you have a little committee? and also, i assume you get lobby ed a lot by these hollywood types who have people. >> yeah, yeah, we hear from a lot of people over the years. this is a title that's going to follow them around for the rest of their lives. the staff has their favorites. we pay attention online.
7:18 am
in the end, it isn't that hard cht it's not scientific. we have a top tier group of editors that make the final choice and when the guy is going to have fun with it and we know they're apreachtive of the fact we're giving this to them, that seals the deal. >> was there a runner up? >> there aren't. i think we have 125 guys in this issue. and i would say all of them are deserving and any of them are potential covers for future years. there's never a runner up. >> did you ever just blow it over the years when you picked somebody and you thought, oh, man, we shouldn't have got that guy. >> here's the thing. you've got to remember, when they get the title, in that moment, they are sexy, amazing, obviously at the height of their career. so of course, there's an ebb and flow in the years following. i like to think that once you're sexy, you're always sexy, at least in the public's eyes. when you are sexiest man alive, but these men are very appreciative of the fact.
7:19 am
there's an oscar and there's sexiest man alive. it's the same in a lot of their books. >> julie jordan, the next time we talk, i hope it is mott on this topic, okay? >> fair enough. i'm putting you in next year. >> sure you will. i'll have my people get ahold of your people. thank you so much. >> thanks. 19 minutes past the hour now. coming up next, we're going to head to detroit, michigan. money problems have gotten so severe there, it's on the verge now of becoming the first major u.s. city to go completely broke.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
the financial numbers can be staggering. and if something doesn't happen soon, detroit could be the first major u.s. city to go broke. let me bring in our christine romans and christine, unfortunately, it's been some down economic news about detroit over the years, but this is a resilient bunch. >> it really is and the mayor is going to have an address tonight to the people of detroit to explain to them how he's going to try to fix their budget problems because you know what? an auditor this spring found if detroit doesn't do something dramatic and soon, detroit runs out of money by the middle of next year. think about that. a major american city running out of money. we're talking about going bankrupt here. we've seen other municipalities doing that. it's almost unthinkable, that "b" word, but you look at towns like jefferson county, alabama. a suer project and revenue declining and costs going up. a problem there.
7:23 am
more news on detroit. it would be the biggest one, but it is running out of cash. harrisburg, pennsylvania, also bankrupt. this is because of a trash incinerator that was supposed to generate revenue. making money now, but not enough to pay off its debts. central falls, wyoming, that one bankrupt as well. detroit the biggest of all of them. i don't want to be so glood and doom about it. if he gets emergency powers, he can start making some pretty drastic cuts. people will feel it, but drastic u cuts. also, you know, the town has already be doing things like luring big businesses downtown. there's a whole foods that's going to be going in down there. there's blue cross blue shield, they've got an eye on the upswing, you know, the city planners there, they've got an eye on the up swing. >> we'll see what the mayor has to say tonight.
7:24 am
always good to talk to you. thanks so much. getting close to the bottom of the hour and our political buzz panel up next. tough questions today about the president's poll numbers and that debt super committee and the clock is a ticking. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears.
7:25 am
a 2006 law that drains 5 billion a year from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. aspercreme breaks the grip, with maximum-strength medicine and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with aspercreme.
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7:27 am
political buzz. rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing today, maria cardona, pete dominic, and georgetown jufrt professor, chris metslehr. the clock is ticking on you and also, this debt super committee. got a week to go to reach a deal, so when we get to that deadline, maria, next week, what will the headline be? >> well, i'm actually one of those people where the glass is half full, t.j. i know you had a poll on earlier
7:28 am
that said majority of americans don't think there will be a deal. i'm hoping there will be a deal. i'm hoping the committee can get there because so much is on the line. the problem is that republicans have finally come around to understand that revenues need to be included, but more need to be included. the middle class and working class are carrying the burden of something being fair add balanced. millionaires and billionaires need to do more and hopefully, we can get there. >> pete, what about your headline? >> i think the headline's probably going to be king nor quis wins again or because they're up against this thanksgiving deadline, the pilgrims win again because no matter what the outcome, there's nothing on the thanksgiving table that's going to benefit the vast majority of americans. whatever it comes out is really going to benefit, i think, the most affluent, which is why this p popular movement, the 99% movement was created. i don't think most americans are going to benefit from whatever the super committee comes out
7:29 am
with and lobbyists have been so incestuous with these people. those are my headlines. >> chris? >> the headline's going to be that congress has voted to dissolve the super committee and that in fact, the rest of congressional games have been canceled for the the season. the fact of the matter is that in this particular case, no one, neither democrats or republicans, are serious enough about spending cuts, about deficit reduction to come to the table with some serious solutions. we can't simply cut our way out of this. and we can't simply stop spending. yeah, we have to stop spending, but we have to do a combination of both. >> turn to the president now. approval rating at 46% a year before an election. that puts him above only carter and ford. i don't have to remind you of how those turned out. chris, let me start with you this time. 46%. should the president be worried about that poll number or something else?
7:30 am
>> yeah, i actually think that the president should be worried about that poll number. i think he's got to put the focus on economy. he's got to put the focus on jobs. and unless he's able to do that, what's going to end up happening is he is going to maybe go the way of either carter, probably carter. that's probably going to be the way that he goes. so i think he very much has to be concerned about that. the focus has got to be on the economy. forget everything else. he's got to focus on the economy. >> pete? >> he absolutely needs to be r worried. with an economy like this, he should and needs to be worried. this is the toughest economic downturn since the depression. however, he doesn't have to worry as much because with a republican field like this, a lineup of mostly clowns that are on book tours and trying to raise their speaking fees, it lets him rest a little bit easy. the person he needs to be most worried about is justice kinley, which is a talking point i stole from will cain. the supreme court's going to be deciding next spring and that's going to affect what happens
7:31 am
with the presidential campaign. >> maria, i hope you're nicer and not calling them clowns as pete just did. >> well, clearly, the president needs to be worried. any president going up for re-election with this economy and those numbers should be worried and he is worried. he has said earlier that he is going into this as the underdog and he is running against the economy. he is focused on jobs and job creation for the american people. i agree with pete that right now, the differences between him and the gop candidates, i'm going to put my money on him. but you never know. the economy is king. as long as the gop candidates continue to focus on protecting the billionaires, i think president obama has a good chance of getting re-elected. >> i was really hoping we would run out of time because i was scare to ask pete this last question. "people" magazine has named its sexiest man alive as you know. i will start with you, maria. the sexiest gop candidate alive?
7:32 am
>> i'm going to go with, i'm assuming we're talking about the presidential candidates. i'm going to go with jon huntsman. he is debonair. he is suave. but you know what his problem is, he's also sensible. he believes in evolution, climate change, that's why he's got no chance. >> chris, you next and hope still i run out of time i have to ask this question to pete. >> well, okay, so she's not a candidate, but i have to say condoleezza rice. in light of the fact she's not a candidate, i'm going to have to go with the good looking rascal from texas, governor rick perry. >> the good looking rascal from texas and we have time to spare. pete. >> i'm going make this good, t.j. listen, who's the sexiest gop candidate alive? that is a horrible question. something i don't want to think about. not because i'm afraid, like
7:33 am
some heterosexual men are sexy. look at you. have you seen a mirror lately, t.j.? but t.j., websters defines sexy as a word never used to describe newt gingrich. i'm going to have to give it to ron paul. for his consistency and principles. >> this is why i was hoping we'd run out of time. >> look at those eyes. >> always a pleasure. i'll see you guys again soon. thanks so much. we're 33 minutes past the hour now. we will continue with a little more politics in just a bit, but also some new information to bring you out of penn state. we're getting more information and this time, we're getting information from one of the alleged witnesses. mike mcqueary. he is an assistant football coach for the penn state football team. he is now rejecting the criticism that he did thot do enough. in an e-mail to friends, he
7:34 am
insists he didn't just turn and run away when he saw something wrong. he says he did the wright thing. joining me now is tom goldman, sports correspondent for npr. tom, what does this new information mean now? he said he did not turn and run. he says he made sure the rape he was witnessing stopped before he left. what do you make of that? >> we're trying to figure out what that means. and it's two e-mails, apparently. one obtained by the morning column newspaper here in pennsylvania. one by nbc. mike mcqueary talking about how he did intervene, not physically. he said in one of them, you wouldn't have wanted to have been in my shoes for those 30 to 45 seconds. we're trying to figure that out because this information contradicts the grand jury report that the world is using to form late its opinions regarding this case.
7:35 am
and does this mean you know, some are speculating, does this mean mike mcqueary is changing his story? does this mean that the grand jury presentment is somehow flawed? it's a summary, so it's not all the details of the case, but so we're trying to figure this out right now. >> the other key part of this second e-mail is is that he said he got in touch with police and i had that grand jury report in front of me. it says specifically that the grad assistant was never questioned by university police and no other entity conducted an investigation until he testified in grand jury in december of 2010. he says he went to police. >> well, and if this is true, this is raising the question, was this another possible you know, police have this information and then didn't pursue as alleged ly happened i
7:36 am
1998, then we potentially have two police investigations that may have been stopped short. there's a lot to dig into this stuff. >> one other thing and the president kind of hit at this in comments he made during that carrier classic basketball game. he said maybe this is the time in this story for all of us to stop and take a good look at ourselves. what are we learning about ourselves? yes, this is a sex abuse scandal, but are we learning something about the culture of big time college athletics and these big time coaches and these programs that sometimes put everything above education and morals and doing the right thing when it comes down to these athletic programs? >> well, i think we are. i think that's part of the story. but we've been talking about that for a long time, how big it's all gotten. usually, it's done in the context of scandals where for instance at ohio state, where you had guys selling memorabilia for tattoos or money. that kind of thing. things that fans were able to
7:37 am
say, that's not so good, but we can move on. this is a story you can't move on from. if these allegations are true. so this is the ultimate of scandals, if you will. there's never been anything like this in the history of college sports so it's causing a lot of people to think, a lot of people, we hope, to have dialogue throughout the country on a large level with corporations, on a small level with their families. talking to kids about you know, the importance of telling, of intervening and stopping bad things and if you see wrong, make it a right as quickly as you can. we hope there's this kind of dialogue going on all over the country. >> we appreciate you hopping on the line for us. >> you bet. 37 minutes past the hour now. one week from today, the super committee meets to have a plan to shave more than a trillion dollars in debt.
7:38 am
if they don't, automatic spending cuts could kick in. also, justin bieber no longer has to prove whether or not he's a father. those details, next.
7:39 am
7:40 am
we're about 20 off the top of the hour. you remember that paternity lawsuit filed against justin bieber? well, it is apparently just vanished now. kareen winter joins me now. we heard so much about when the suit was filed. we didn't seem to hear a lot about it now that it's gone away. >> right, but some explosive news today. tmz says the suit was dismissed last week. also saying the attorneys
7:41 am
involved have abandoned their client. the explosive allegation that bieber had fathered a child in a backstage bathroom encounter got a lot of attention and if this report pans out, i hope the dismissal gets the same amount of attention. now, from the beginning, the beeb denied he ever met mariah yeater, much less had sex with her and not only l promised to provide dna to prove it, but also threatened to sue her and her attorneys. that may have been effect in killing the suit. we'll have to see if he follows through with it. we put out calls to all sides involved. >> is there kardashian news? >> of course. we always have to talk kardashian. a little boycott. the outrage. there's a grass roots effort to stop all things kardashian, t.j. this is part of the big backlash because of the divorce. people get a little upset after
7:42 am
buying in to a fairy tale wedding which ended in a quick ki divorce. it was started and it asks we are respectfully requesting that your network find other shows to air. keeping up with the kardashians is not viewing that we the public would like to see from your network. enough is enough. of course, if the public really didn't want to watch, the ratings wouldn't be as good as they are, but there are plenty of people out there who are anti kardashian. as of yesterday, there were 11,000 signatures. today, there are more than 53,000 and it seems there is so much traffic on the site, we had trouble just pulling it up, but knowing the family, they're powerful. they're resilient. something tells me they'll survive this. good press, bad press. >> again, you said the ratings are still good on that show. >> phenomenal. >> show's not going anywhere. kareen winter, always a pleasure. for everything in the
7:43 am
entertainment world, you know where to go. "showbiz tonight," 11:00 on hln. also ahead, troops wounded in battle. they seem to be big fans of these fruit flavor eed lollipop. they're not trying to satisfy the sweet tooth here. -one. -two.
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find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits, so american business can get on with business. ♪ now, the countdown is on. one week from today, the super committee, it needs to have a plan in place to cut $1.2 trillion in debt. if the committee fails, automatic spending cuts will kick in. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. they put these automatic spending cuts there for a reason
7:47 am
because they thought there was a chance. maybe this committee's not going to be able to come to an agreement. >> they have one week to go, but you never know. as far as knowing what cuts would happen, at this point, we know in a broad sense because it wipds up being up to the appropriation committees to decide what gets cut and by how much. but here's whakt happen. we could see cuts to defense spending by 16%. that's the military. we could also see nondefense discretionary spending slashed by 15%. and this is really the big question mark, t.j., because non defense des creche nar is like this big bucket. highways, national parks. federal courts. medicare cuts could be capped at 2% and you can see sort of a hands off approach to social security and medicaid. those would not be touched in these automatic cuts. >> well, how are they watching things on wall street? we've got a week to go and people have been looging for certainty, trying to see what's
7:48 am
going to happen. how's wall street going to happen in the next week or so? >> that's a good question because these worries can really start to happen as we get closer to that date. you have to remember, standard & poor's downgraded u.s. credit rating when lawmakers couldn't get their act together on the debt issue. anything could happen and you can see the market fall as it did when s&p did cut the credit rating. obviously today, we're not seeing that. the dow is down about 77 points. we continue to see worries about the debt crisis in europe dragging down stocks. >> alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. thank you as always. troops on the battlefield severely wounded and something new is helping them numb the pain. that's next. nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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getting word that east carolina university campus is on lockdown. this is coming to us from the media relations folks and they sent out an alert to their students that the campus is on lockdown because of a report of a person carrying a firearm on campus or near campus. that is the report. this was around 10:00 eastern time, so less than an hour ago that they have essentially now
7:52 am
shut down or locked down the campus. there is no report of any shots being fired or anyone being injured, but they are trying to use caution here, but searching for a possible gunman on or near the campus in greenville, north carolina. something new to help u.s. troops numb the pain from bah l field wounds. no pills or injections. they're so-called morphine l lollipo lollipops. barbara starr is here. morphine and lollipops don't seem like two things that need to go together. >> except in the battlefield. it's innovative and is working, i have to tell you. our colleagues at "usa today" first started reporting this story about fmore feen lollipop. these are los enss that a medic in the battlefield can pop into
7:53 am
the mouth of a wounded marine or soldier within those first terrible minutes and these guys are in a good deal of pain. if idea is if it's a losenge, it can be absorbed quickly and if they go into shock, they can withdraw the medication, but the kind of thing they can't do if they give them one of those traditional injections, so it a allows them to control the pain more precisely and administer right away. this is a kind of thing used in civilian medical care and in a lot of circumstances. kind of a simple solution to very krcritical problem. how do you administer pain drugs with precision. >> that is very interesting, yes, on the battlefield, it's a
7:54 am
whole different story. thanks so much. coming up, susan malveaux will be here and talking about miley cyrus. she's lashing back at critics who say he's put on a little weight. we'll take a closer look when we continue. ll day. guinea pig: row...row.took one, 8 months to get the guin: ..row. lile cbby one to yell row! guineaig: ro's kof strange. guinig: row...row. such a simple word... row. anncr: t an easierayof strange. save. get online. go to get a quote. e u 15% or more on car insurance. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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7:57 am
cain's scandal. former house speaker newt gingrich is searching in recent polls after the campaign was declared doa last summer. jim acosta caught up with gingrich on the trail. >> meet the gop's latest fresh face. newt gingrich. >> yesterday afternoon in jefferson, iowa, someone introduced me as the front-runner. >> yes, the same gingrich that was once the dead candidate walking now has a shot at the gop nomination. draw i drawing big crowds in iowa, he is candid about his near death political experience. did you feel dead? >> no, i felt desperate. i've done this for 53 years. and the two hardest months of my career were june and july. i am the only candidate running who has led at the national level. >> with gingrich, humility has its limits and assessing what went wrong with his campaign, he compared himself to two conservative giants.
7:58 am
>> where did you go wrong? >> oh, i think that it was a big mistake on my part to try to bring in conventional consultants because i am much like reagan and margaret thatcher. i am such an unconventional political figure that you need to design a unique campaign that fits the way i operate and what i'm trying to do. >> gingrich has climbed in the polls by outshining many of his rivals at the debates and by selling ideas that sometimes veer from tea party docket rinne. he would spend billions on a project to find cures. >> the best way to control the cost of medicare is to defeat the diseases so people stay healthy. >> but in nearly the same breath, he rails against the washington establishment. >> the washington establishment model is pain and austerity. >> despite being a creature of the capitol for nearly three decades. you're not a creature of
7:59 am
washington. >> no. >> how long have you lived outside of washington since your days as speaker? >> i haven't. i live in mcclain, virginia for practical reasons. i did work at the central agency, the pentagon. >> have you spent all these years -- >> you can call me anything you want to, all right? none of my policy proposals represent the washington establishment. >> ultimately, he wants voters to judge him not on his past such as his previous marital difficulties, but what his campaign website calls the new newt. >> go back and get the "time" magazine cover in 1994 where they had be as scrooge holding tiny tim's broken crutch and the title was how mean with gingrich's america be to the poor. it created a caricature of me so when people finally saw me in


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